Meet our new B Family members...

LOOK LIBERTA'S BAYO - owner Zane Kalinka, Latvia
Bayo lives in Jurmala and shares a big garden (but not the house;)) with 2 labrador boys. At home he is busy with teasing little or sometimes also big girls...

LOOK LIBERTA'S BANGO - owner Eva Sietiņsone Zatlere, Latvia
Bango lives in Sigulda and will definately have plenty of fun running in the tracks of lovely nature parks and hills.

LOOK LIBERTA'S BASEL - owner Jānis Gutāns, Latvia
Brave boy Basel lives in Ozolnieki and has a lot of promisse in many sporting activities - let's see what comes first :)

LOOK LIBERTA'S BAKI - owner Mārcis Puriņš , Latvia
Baki is a countryside boy from the next week, he will help Mārcis in his farm works and will be the best playmate in the free time!

LOOK LIBERTA'S BORA - owners Baiba Arnicāne & Kristīne Liberta, Latvia 
This outgoing and self confident lady joins our dear friends in Langstini. Bora has a big brother Koby to run and play with and her new nick name is "hurricane"... ;) Bora's gallery...

LOOK LIBERTA'S BISHARA - owner Elke Greiling, Germany
Little lady is going to live near Black Forest in Germany, she will have a lovely playmate team - Binti a RR girl and a little Boston Terrier called Chicco. We will bring her to her new home on the way to our holiday trip to Spain.

LOOK LIBERTA'S BAKITA - owner Monika Sverdiolaite, Lithuania
Little charmer Bakita lives in LIthuania and has a wonderful picture gallery to share already...

LOOK LIBERTA'S BREEZE - owner Ēriks Mikštas, Latvia
Our brownnosed cutie lives very close to us,  in Ogre, so we will see her very offten. Breeze has a cute playmate at home - griffon brother Trifs.

LOOK LIBERTA'S BETABETA - owner Lee Chalky, Latvia
Little Betabeta and her lovely family of 5! Lee Chalky and his family have spent 14 years in Africa and have liked ridgebacks for a long time already. They have recently arrived in Latvia and our little Betabeta will have plenty of fun in Marupe from now on :)