Meet our family - Kristine, Linards, our sons Leo and Larss and our bellowed dogs Habi and Ali and our curly cats. We live in Ikskile it is 30 km from Riga, our house has a nice hill side view to the river Daugava.

I have always loved dogs ever since my childhood, first dogs were my grandfather's German Shepherds - I learned to walk with them and spent a lot of time in their houses and was training obedience with hem since I started to speak :)

After I moved out of my parent's home we lived in the center of Riga we decided that a cat would be a very good pet for the apartment - so my dream came true and I brought Amrei home in 2002 - she was the first Selkirk rex cat in Baltic's and Scandinavia. But being a true dog person I could not resist my dream and started to look for my perfect dog... Soon I found out that there is a fantastic breed - Rhodesian Ridgeback - and our trip to RR world began :) I went to all dog shows and met many RR's and theirs owners - spent hours talking on the breed and possible puppies. And then I was lucky to meat Tuija from Finland - she was in Riga and won everything in the RR ring (like usual:)) and after our conversation and my experience with Malozi wonderful tempered ridgebacks it was clear that my ridgeback will come from Kennel Malozi!

Waiting for another year and Malozi Habiba joined our Family in August 2005! She is my very special girl - the dog of my life! We had lot's of dog friends organizing parties and that's why our Habi has grown into a very confident girl - she is obedient and friendly ridgeback - she loves kids as she has been growing up with our sons - Leo (3,5) and Larss (1,5). And our cats love Habi too, it is always so funny watching big Habi playing with Nina - and kittens always are so well socialized. So we all have lot's of fun together :) And Ali is Habi's daughter - full of joy all the time! So my dream of 2 RR's on the sofa has come true!

According to my diploma I'm a Financial specialist, I have been working in finance related companies like Ernst&Young and then in the Financial section of US Embassy in Riga but after spending the time with my boys at home - I realized that there is much more in this world to do outside a standard carrier... So we founded a new company with my husband and now we are representing Australian company in Baltic States. My husband Linards owns/runs several companies - his company is the largest sauna whisk distributor in Latvia and he also represents Intex - above ground pools and other useful things - :) Our sons Leo and Larss enjoy the time of growing up at our house with us - we wanted to see our children growing up - this time is so special and I'm so happy we have been lucky to arrange our business that way.

As my hobby is dog shows I started to realize that I should learn more of handling my special Habi better - especially after Habi's amazing win in World Winner Show 2006 - Habi's breeder Tuija showed my Habi there in such a glance - JWW-06, BOB Junior and Best in Show Junior!!! So I decided that I need to learn more and I contacted the best handling specialist in Europe - Mr. Gerard O'Shea from Sweden. He agreed to come to Riga and to teach us how to show our dogs at the best possible way - so now I'm organizing handling classes for Gerard in Riga up and now. I love dog world and I love to spend time with dog people :)

I founded my Lamblike Cattery in 2003 under FIFe and I hope so much that my dream of a FCI Kennel becomes true some day - unfortunately in Latvia we have very strict rules in order to register your own Kennel name - you have to raise 2 litters and finish a year long Cynological course or you have to raise 3 litters and pass the Cynological exam. So with patience and time our Kennel will be registered - I will keep you informed :)

So if you wish to meet us - just leave a message and come to visit us - you are more than welcome! And meanwhile - enjoy your stay at and come back again!

Alizeti, me and Habi by the river Daugava in Ikskile...