INT & Multi CH, JWW-06 Malozi Habiba "Habi"
(INT, VDH, HU, AU, CZ CH Chipangali's Kadani x INT, FI, EST, LV CH Malozi Elimika)


13.06.2005 - 12.01.2015, imp. Finland

wheaten colour, dark eyes, black nose HD: B/A ED: 0/0 Height: 63 cm Weight: 34kg

(Malozi Habiba BIS Junior & JWW'06 - 17 months old)

BEST IN SHOW Junior - World Winner Show 2006
Junior World Winner 2006



Champion of Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic's, Slovenia, Belarus, Georgia and Azerbaijan
Candidate for Championship of Croatia, Spain & Poland

Junior Champion of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic's & Belarus
Qualified for CRUFTS 2007/2008, Club Winner 2007, Caucasian Winner 2008 
BH test passed

BIS-1, BIS-4, BIS-5 junior, BIS-2 puppy
4x BIG-1, BIG-2, 2x BIG-3, 2x BIG-4, BIG-5
11x BOB, 6x BOS, 5x BOB puppy
4x CACIB, 19x CAC , 8x JCAC, 36x EXC-1




Our Habiba (meaning beloved and sweetheart) was born in the Finnish Kennel Malozi in a litter of 6 absolutely correct and healthy puppies. Her mother is the elegant International, Finnish, Estonian and Latvian champion Malozi Elimika and her father is the great Austrian stud dog - International, Austrian, German, Hungarian & Check champion Chipangali's Kadani. And thanks to Habi I'm part of the great Malozi team - Tuija is definitely the best breeder in the World - I'm so happy I have the best possible advice always just one e-mail away!!!

Habi has been extremely successful at shows and she loves to show herself. Habi is the first ridgeback with Multi Champion title in Latvia! Habi is a truly an outstanding girl, we are so happy on her calm temperament and lovely conformation. Her temperament is sweet, calm, loving and playful, I could never wish for anything more! Habi is the best friend to our sons Leo (3,5) and Larss(1,5) and she has always been the best babysitter to our kittens. Habi is a very confident girl and she has plenty of dog friends - it does not matter the breed, age or the sex - Habi can find a fun game for everyone. We love to organize dog parties - it is such a great fun for everyone. At home Habi loves to chill in the sun or by the fireplace in Wintertime and she has 2 sofas on her own - one is in the corridor so Habi can meet the guests first and 2nd is a bouncing chair with a nice view to our garden and river Daugava.


Habi has been training obedience ever she was 4 months old and Habi also loves agility, I hope very much we can continue next Summer with our hobbies. Habi is the first BH tested ridgeback in Latvia, this test shows both - obedience and temperament results. We have tried tracking once and it was not so much fun as to track after real dears in the wood, so we might like to try this again some time. I love to spend much of the time with my dog and she is such a stunning girl - it is a pleasure to work with her! So Habi is not just good looking, but also a clever working dog, great friend and a wonderful family member - we are so proud of her! Habi is definitely the dog of my life :)


Ali and Habi 2008  3 puppies and Habi

Habi and Renti having fun  Having fun with beagles


Chipangali's Kadani

HD: A, ED: 0/0

Ch. Tandiwe Merigal´s Mad GambleSHSB 494349
HD & OCD free

Ch.Turoka Globe`s Casino Renose, HC 990820
4-85 OFA24


Calico Ridge Valkyrie Maiden
448995 3-92


Ch. Agnes Visconte de Simon of ChipangaliRhR 159
HD & OCD free

Ch. Basko von Fürstenbach
RhR 063, HD A


Edda vom Wagnerhof
RhR 118, HD free


Malozi Elimika

HD: A, ED: 1/0

Mankoya's Great Gambo

TT (A, 0/0)

Mankoya's Claudia (HD free)


INT, AM, FIN & PL CH, WW-00, ITW-00, EUW-00, PLW-00,W-00
Ikimba Shadyridge Okoa (A,0/0)


ITW-00, FINW-01
Malozi Adimika
HD: A, ED: 0/0

INT & FIN CH, World Winner -95, Belgian Winner -95, Winner -94, -96 Shadyridge Mabruki Mbili
HD: A1


Maridadis Jiwe La Thamani