(ARI - means Lion in Hebrew)
D.O.B. 14.01.2008


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12 puppies : 5 boys and 7 girls.
All puppies with a ridge, no DS, no kinked tails, some white, nice wheaten colour, 2 livernosed girls.
9 show quality puppies and 3 pet puppies (multiple crowns).  

Sire - A Ray of Light Nyathi

Dam - Malozi Habiba



D.O.B.: 29.11.2003
height 69cm, weight 43kg
HD 0/0, ED 0/0, OCD neg.
Heart clear, Eyes clear

D.O.B.: 13.06.2005
height 63cm, weight 34kg
HD B/A, ED 0/0
Eyes clear

Interchampion, Champion of Czech, Luxembourg, Sweden, Germany, Slovak. Junior Champion of Czech and Slovak.
Dog of the year 2005
Clubchampion ÈKRR
Slovak Winner 2005
Prague winner 2006
Working dog

Champion of Finland, Baltics, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Slovenia and Belarus. Junior Champion of Baltic's & Belarus.
BEST IN SHOW Junior in World dog show 2006 - Poznan
Junior World Winner 2006
Club Winner 2007
BH tested in 2007

Mating took place November 14 and puppies were born on January 14, 2008!

After thousands of e-mails with Habi's wonderful breeder Tuija we came to the result that Hony will be THE male for our sweet Habi - Babi :) I fell in love immediately with Hony's adorable mom Thembi and I would be extremely happy to see her wonderful qualities in my breeding some day, so read more why exactly Hony and what benefits will it bring to upcoming puppies.

I was looking for a very responsible and interested stud owner as to me breeding is not just mating, it is much more - relationship that could go on for a long time (like I have with Habi's breeder Tuija) and I was lucky again - so I got to know Hony's kind owner Petra :) We both will do our best to give as much accurate information on the litter as possible. Please feel free to ask anything you would like to know!

As you already noticed from the pictures, Hony and Habi are a wonderful and very matching couple conformation wise but this is just the beginning. Lets take a look on the pedigree now. Hony's mother ICH, MultiCH, WW-03 Terrouges Thembi was born in South Africa - you will find several Cartouche and Kimani dogs in her pedigree and Hony's father BIS, ICH, MultiCH Ozrhode Dia Hot Prospect comes from the very well known Australian breeding. Habi's mother is the wonderful and elegant ICH Malozi Elimika - Kennel Malozi is well known for breeding amazingly successful and wonderful ridgebacks and I'm extremely happy to be part of the wonderful M-team! Going deeper I definitely need to mention Habi's grandfather is a truly handsome Swedish stud dog - ICH, MultiCH Mankoya's Great Gambo and Habi's Grandma is a wonderful and amazingly successful Malozi girl again -ICH, WW-00 MALOZI ADIMIKA. Habi's father is a very well known Austrian stud dog - ICH Chipangali's Kadani - used in many well known and successful Kennels and producing amazingly successful offspring with lot's of outstanding qualities. But let's move on...

Next goes health - both Hony and Habi are very healthy dogs - free from displasia, eyes tesetd and clear, both come from absolutely correct litters - no ridge faults, no excess white, no DS nor kinks.

Second most important thing is temperament - Habi and Hony are very calm and easy going dogs. They both love different kinds of activities - agility, obedience, tracking - actually everything! Hony has passed multiple obedience tests with nice results, Habi is the first BH tested RR in Latvia. Habi and Hony both are dogs with sweet and happy outgoing temperaments, they both enjoy company with other dog friends. This is always so great to watch those energetic fun dog games - does not matter if with a puppy or with a grown up dog. And it is very pleasant to live with a clever and calm dog that can accompany you everywhere you go - so that's why a working ridgeback is very important to me.

Now we come to conformation - I like to show my Habi quite often and she has achieved there more than I ever dared to dream, but I also wanted the male to be not only good locking but also clever and well behaved so that's why Hony is such a perfect mach too. Hony has some truly outstanding show results, feel free to surf through his page carefully :) And you will find Habi's show results here - Habi is the first RR with MultiCH title in Latvia.

Pedigree of the litter:

ICH A Ray of Light Nyathi
ICH Ozrhode Dia Hot Prospect CH Caprivi Inside Edge
CH Ozrhode Ari Nala
ICH WW-03 Terrouges Thembi
CH Cartouche Baneka
Kleinbolayi M'khosigazi of
CH JWW06 Malozi Habiba
ICH Chipangali's Kadani
Ch. Tandiwe Merigal´s Mad Gamble
Ch. Agnes Visconte de Simon of Chipangali
CH Malozi Elimika
Mankoya's Great Gambo
ITW-00, FINW-01
Malozi Adimika

All puppies come with EU pet passport, microchip, FCI export pedigree, veterinary certifiate and vaccinations for the age. Feel free to contact me for more information if you are intersested in a puppy from us in the future- kristine@liberta.lv or +371 29299668 or skype - Chat with me