BH Asadi ARI LIBERTA "Asadi"

(INT, VDH, LUX, SLO, SE, CZ CH A Ray of Light Nyathi x JWW06, Multi, FI, LV, EST, LT, BALT, SLO, BY, GEO, AZ CH, KLU07 Malozi Habiba)

Co-owned with Ilvija Vitola
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red wheaten colour, dark eyes, black nose HD: tba ED: tba Height: 67cm Weight: tba


BIS brace in Marijampole


Asadi lives in Garupe, close to the sea and has a big "sister" Rence to play and to do some gardening work together. Asadi likes to train obedience with his owner Ilvija, but I like to have them in the show rings as well. Asadi has been BOB puppy 5 times and up to now has gained a LV and LT JCAC - many more to come for sure!

Polish Winners

Ilvija and Asadi

RR's visiting LIONS

My adorable ridgebacks

Asadi and Ilvija after the first puppy show - puppy BOB!

Ayo, Ali and Asadi - winning first JCAC at the 1st possible show


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