B litter born on 27.06.2009 

9 puppies: 4 correct males, 2 correct females, 3 multiple crown females (one livernosed)
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Sire: Masithela's Irresistible Chango

Dam: MALOZI Habiba

DOB 08.09.2002
height 68cm, weight 46kg
HD A/A, ED 0/0
Godkent character test passed
Owner: Marit Hjartøy Dysvik
Breeder: Tonje Torkelsen
DOB: 16.06.2005
height 63cm, weight 34kg
HD B/A, ED 0/0
Eyes clear, BH test passed
Owner: Kristine Liberta
Breeder: Tuija Miettinen


Habi was born in Kennel Malozi and is the first Finnish exported ridgeback to Latvia. Habi was born in a correct litter of 6 healthy puppies - all her brothers and sisters are x-rayed in Finland with clean hips and elbows. Temperament wise Habi is calm and truly reliable, she is a true member of our Family and has grown up with our sons (4 and 2 years old) as she is the best possible babysitter you can imagine - playful, entertaining and also so gentle in her behavior towards children. Habi is very outgoing in her temperament - she is doing great with any dog friends - no matter of the size or sex anything goes - from Chihuahuas till Irish wolfhounds.
A well behaved dog is very important for me that's why Habi has been training obedience and she is the first ridgeback in Latvia with a passed Behavior test - BH. We also train agility for fitness purposes mainly and fun as Habi enjoys it so much. But Habi is not only a clever girl, she is so nicely balanced also conformation wise. Her strength is the strong and muscular body combined with feminine head and powerful and efficient movements. And this is why Habi has been amazingly successful in the show rings as well - currently Malozi Habiba is official show champion of 10 countries - Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Baltic's, Slovenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan & Belarus! Malozi Habiba was JWW 2006 and did a remarkable paw print in the RR history by winning the BEST IN SHOW JUNIOR at World Winner Show - 2006 in Poznan. Habi has been 4x BIG-1, 11x BOB, 35x EXC-1, 3x CACIB and many more wins are on the way - Polish and Croatian Champion are just one CAC short.

Habi is great mother - on Jan 2008 Habi gave birth to a wonderful litter of 12 puppies with only 3 ridge faults - multiple crowns. No DS or other faults, 7 puppies are shown with excellent results.

Masithela's Irresistible Chango has been one of my dream ridgebacks and I have followed his success ever since I started to look for my Habi. Marit and her obedient and gorgeous Chango was always caching my eye as I saw the pictures of them winning again and again. I was lucky to have friendly contact with Chango's breeder Tonje and I also saw Chango in real life last Summer at WW specialty show. I was very impressed by his powerful movements, level top line and his muscular body. Chango and Habi both have the same strengths - they both are very similar in type and both are strongly built with great muscles,excellent bone, sound movements and they both have outgoing temperaments.

Chango's sire is one of the most beautiful livernosed ridgebacks in the history, you could not take the eyes of him while he was in the ring and so was Chango's lovely mom - Sariba, I was lucky to see her at Tonje's place and even now at her age she looks fantastic. Tonje just needed to come to she show as people were saying - oh, Sariba is here, now we know the winner :)

I am very proud to be able to use Chango in our breeding program and I am convinced that Habi and Chango is an outstanding combination in most ways - they both combine excellent Scandinavian, American and African blood lines with many truly remarkable ridgebacks there. We hope to get healthy puppies with strong bone, excellent balance in front and rear and correct movements for the breed. Puppies are expected to be easy going and calm in their temperaments as both parents are so well in relations with everyone - people, dogs or other animals. We expect to get puppies with great working qualities - tracking, agility, lure coursing and also successful in the show rings. Well - a lot will depend on the new owners, but we are convinced that this combination of Habi and Chango will give the best possible "basic package" for a flexible start in order to get a truly outstanding Rhodesian Ridgeback.

Habi was bred to Chango - April 26 and 27 and puppies (black nosed and livernosed) expected end of June 2009.


B litter's pedigree

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