We are very proud of all our kittens and here I would like to present our breedings that are doing great not only the cozy sofas at home but also in the cat shows!

LV* Lamblike Coco Cassia - strait haired chocolate female
3xCAC and Latvian CHAMPION + Best in Show house cat at the WCF show 27.October 2007!!!

LV* Lamblike Carlin Colista - curly black SH female - lives in Poland with Dorota and lovely cats for a furry company. Carlins own site
NOM BIS, EXC1 x 4 & special prize for selkirk rex

LV*Lamblike Crispin Cordero - curly lilac SH male - lives in Ventspils, Latvia. Owner Estere Vitola and he has a handsome and sweet British Shorthair cat as a best freind.
On the picture - Crispin and the judge writing his critique ;)

LV*Lamblike Bernard- curly chocolate SH male - lives in Russia. Owner Irina Bondarenko. He received Best in Show title at his very first show!

LV*Lamblike A La Sara- curly torty LH female- lives in Estonia. Owner Dagmar Rosenberg - Cattery Bona Dea. Also received Best in Show title at her first show.

LV*Lamblike Aggie- curly black SH male - lived in Adazi, Latvia. Owner Laima Berge- Cattery Curly Creek - sire of 3 litters. He has received many titles in the show rings but unfortunately the show in Austria was his last one as he got out of the car and got lost in the city. Despite the long search he has not found his old home so far, but we all keep our fingers crossed that he is doing well despite any difficulties he has had on his way! You are a very special boy - dear Aggie!
LV CH, CAGCIB, multiple BIS winner, Best Selkirk rex & 4th best cat in WCF show in Vienna 2006