MERRY CHRISTMAS - 21.12.2006

And check out the lovely greetings we have received...


Habi is a big girl already and the time has come to our last junior show. This was our club show for group 6 and judge was Kornelija Butrimova from Lithuania. Breed entry 9. Habi closed her junor class show-carrier very nice by winning her class, winning champion class female and becoming BB1 and also winning the best male - with this becoming BOB!!! I had a wonderful feeling with so many people clapping hands as we passed by - this was so nice! And Habi concluded her day with BIG-5 ;)

And this was also Habi's little relative Malozi Juburu first show - he was very unsure what to do in that funny place and was not very happy on my idea of handling him, but we survived! Handsome Juburu was BOB puppy and also BIS-3 puppy! Congratulations to his owners and I hope this is just the beginning and more training and experience will make him a show fan soon ;)

We had a wonderful time and it is always a pleasure to take part of those well organised and friendly group shows. And thank you for the nice congratulations in the catalog ;)

Pictures here...   And here pictures from the show taken by Irena - - thank you so much!

Meanwhile at the Helsinki Winner show Habi's brother Sisu won the male junior class and the lovely Gimli became BOB and BIG-2... And they have so many amazing wins there, that you need to check Malozi page yourself !


My precious darling Habi has done something amazing...
I can't really believe this, but my Habi won the show of the shows - THE WORLD DOG SHOW 2006 where Malozi Habiba became -  


World Junior Winner 2006

Best of Breed Junior

New Junior Champion of Poland & qualified for CRUFTS 2007

I will need very much time to believe this is true... 266 Ridgebacks were entered in the World Dog Show in Poznan, Poland. In the junior class the entry was also huge - 24 junior girls competed for the prestigious JWW`06 title and Habi was the one winning them all! And then winning also the junior male and becoming BOB Junior... At the big finals Habi was placed BIS1 Junior and this all at the World Winner show! You must agree - this is more than a dog owner can ever dream in the deepest dreams...

Million thanks to Habi's wonderful breeder and handler Tuija! No words can express how happy and proud I am and how much you deserve this! Malozi is World wide known for breeding the BEST RIDGEBACKS EVER!!!! I'm so grateful I am part of your wonderful team! You are the best and I'm so happy the whole world knows it :)

Habi is safe back home again and enjoys peaceful evenings by the fireplace and on her sofa... Many thanks to Dzintra and Ieva for taking such a good care of my girl for the whole trip! And thanks for all the wonderful words and congratulations - I knew we have many friends out there ;)

Pictures here...


We packed our car full and drove to Estonia this time - Tartu was our goal. Habi showed for the first time in intermediate class and did very nice - EXC2 and BB3 and I was SOOOO proud of the last sentence of her critique "beautiful presentation" :D 
We took part in the final Breeder's group as well where Malozi ridgebacks were BIS 3!!!
And on the next day the Malozi team came to visit us... We had 6 Malozi ridgebacks at our house having fun in the snow and later also on the sofa ;) Pictures here...


Habi's first show year has passed so great - this show in Siauliai, Lithuania was our first show last year and this year we did also great - Habi became new Lithuanian and Baltic Junior Champion!

What a year we have had...  
- Habi attended 17 shows, 9 of them abroad
- at all shows Habi was awarded with
- Habi has become junior champion of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Baltics
- at all 5 puppy shows Habi was BOB puppy
- lovely group and BIS results - puppy BIS2, junior BIS4 & BIS5, 2x BIG3 and BIG4

Well, I can't tell how proud I am!!! Million thanks again to our lovely handler Dzintra and the best RR breeder on the world - Tuija! Now I will go to hug my little star Habi-Babi, who enjoys autumn evenings by our fireplace...


It's time to say good bye - our little cute babies have grown so quickly and it's time to leave for their new homes already. Crispin left already to Ventspils, he will have a lovely BSH cat to play with, Carlin left for Poland - she has also a very nice cat company there and Coco and Colby are leaving this week... Good luck our sweeties - you are the best! Have a lot of joy together and I hope to hear from you up and now :) Here are the latest kitten pictures while at our place...


Kittens grow so quickly - 12 weeks old alredy!!! Check out the new pictures here...


This was great - for the 3rd year in a row we were in the big "Teodori Summer Dog Party"!!! Habi had such a wonderful time, she was the hottest babe in the party with 3 lovely boys wanting her attention... :D Thanks to Ieva and Martins for a wonderful time and it was great to see everyone! Pictures, mostly taken by Dzintra here... and here...


We had a wonderful show day again in Ozolnieki International show. Breed entry was 6 and judge was Tina Sulce from Latvia. Habi did so great again - EXC1, BB1, BOB and BIG-4!!! And this time I handled her, so a bit proud of this too :D More info here...

And more info on Hunting dog show added here...

NEW PICTURES - 06.08.2006

New kitten pictures added... Our little babies grow so quickly :)


We had a really lovely time at Latvian Hunting Dog Club show in Riga. Breed entry was 5 and Habi was beautifully shown by Dzintra again! Habi did so great - JUN CAC, JUN BOB, BB1, BOB, JUN BIS-4 and BIG-3!!!
Super day - Habi is now Latvian, Estonian and Belarus Junior Champion!!! Huge thanks to Dzintra for excellent handling and many hugs to Tuija for breeding so adorable RR's!!! More info and pictures of the show soon...


Habi went to Estonia with Dzintra and got simply amazing show results - check out more here...


Kittens are one month old already and have started to move around the house, eat solid food and have a lot of fun all the time:) Black LH male is still available. Take a look on our sweeties here...

HABI'S SHOW TRIP - 10.06.2006

Habi was on a show tour to Belarus and Poland with Dzintra and her son Arturs and their dogs. It was a great show weekend for everyone - Habi was BOB junior on both shows and even BIS-5 junior after Dzintra's lovely whippet boy Jesper, who was BIS-4 out of more than 20 juniors!

Thanks for taking care of Habi so wonderful and showing her so nice! Pictures here,,, More details on the Habi's shows here... 

KITTENS 2 WEEKS OLD - 28.06.2006

Amrei is a lovely mom and all 4 kittens are growing rapidly! All have opened their eyes already and are very cute little selkirk babies :) Pictures here...

SOME UPDATES - 25.06.2006

Finaly European Winner show pictures are added and Habi's page is updated.

OUR C LITTER IS HERE - 18.06.2006

We have kittens!!!
Our Amrei gave birth to 4 adorable kitties - 2 curly and 2 strait ones in black, blue/lilac and chocolate color! Check out more here...

Big congratulations to the father Amulet for gaining Grand International Champion title at such a young age!


Habi had a lovely day at the show in Ogre... And after that we came home to celebrate Habi's first birthday - friends, cake and sun - what can a ridgeback wish more... :) Pictures here...

HABI 1 YEAR OLD - 13.06.2006

Happy birthday Habi... ;) The big birthday party will be held on Saturday after the dog show with lots of nice dog friends! Pictures from the party here...


Habi went to Finland to participate in the European Winner show in Helsinki - and she performed really nice. Breed entry was huge - 73 RR's and the biggest competition was in Junior bitches class - 14. Only 7 females were awarded with the grade excellent and Habi was picked among them!!! Thank you Tuija for showing Habi so nice again and thanks for all the hospitality! Pictures here...



We hope very much this will change, but till now Amrei's curly son Aggie is lost in Vienna!

He traveled all the way to Vienna to the show with his owner Laima and had a great show day - was the best Selkirk rex cat at the show, finished his CAGCIB and opened CACM account... Was 4th best cat in the WCF ring!!!

But, after the show as Laima went to see the city and as she returned to the car, Aggie had opened his crate and run out of the car... We all hope very much we will find him!

Any info on our lost Aggie is appreciated - !


I'm very happy to share the lovely news - our C litter is on it's way - hopefully our curly and strait haired Selkirk rex kittens will be born around mid June. More info on expected kittens can be found here... Inquiries welcome -

NEW FAMILY MEMBER - 18.04.2006

I'm happy to introduce the newest addition to our Cattery - lovely Devon Rex kitten ~Kika~ ...


Well, our little Habi started her Junior show carrier better than I ever dreamed by selecting 2 JCAC's in one weekend a week after she turned 9 months old...

18.03.2006 - The group 6 show was held in Riga, judge was Rita Kadike - Skadina (Latvia), breed entry 12. Habi was placed 1st in the Junior class out of 4 bitches and was also placed as Best Bitch 2 after her lovely mom Emmi (CAC, BOO, new LV CH)!!! Malozi breeder's group was 1st!!! Pictures here...

19.03.2006 - Habi's first International show - Latvian Winner 2006 in Riga, judge Vilmos Kardos (Hungary), breed entry 19. Habi was 1st again in Junior class out of 6 Junior bitches and got her second JCAC and was Best Bitch 3 after Malozi Ghalimika (CACIB, CAC, LVW'06, BOO) and Multi CH Harjaselan Karpalo. Malozi breeder's group was BIS3!!! Pictures here...

Thank you Tuija and Dzintra so much for handling my darling Habi so wonderful!
And I'm very happy that Malozi team had a nice time in Riga, let's hope to continue this more often :)


Habi's 5th and the last show in puppy class was in Daugavpils. This time we combined the pleasure with work and went a day earlier to Daugavpils and enjoyed a lovely stay in a very nice and dog friendly hotel Latgola. Habi performed very nice again - BOB puppy for the 5th time!!! More info and pictures here...


Habi's 4th show was in Lithuania again 19.02.2006 - this time in Panevezhus. Breed entry was 3 and judge was Nina Kharatishvili from Russia. Habi did wonderful again - BOB puppy and her friend Kimya was BOB, Lt JCAC and BIG 3!!! Pictures here...


New pictures of our big girl - Habi is 8 months old already...

Year 2004

04-12-05 Sara did great on the WCF show in Tallin. She got BIS and the judge Svetlana Ponomoreva was very excited to see such a beauty live! We are very proud and hope she will keep doing so great.

04-11-14 Aggie was at the WCF show in Riga and both days was BIS nominated and on Sunday even got BIS!!! Many congratulations to his owner Laima! Well done :-)

04-09-28 Our curly A'La Sara will go to Estonia! She will be the first selkirk rex there - we are happy for her and wish all the best at the Cattery Bona Dea!

04-09-27 New kitten pictures in the gallery (week 15 and week 16).

04-09-25 Aggie moves to his new home! We are happy for him and wish al the best to his new family and freinds Altebo and Princis!

04-09-22 New kitten pictures in the gallery! Sara's pictures are especially nice:)

04-09-18 We went to WCF show and are very proud to let you know that both - Aggie and Sara were nominated for BIS and both got EX1. We hope to continue as good as we started!

04-09-11 Amanda goes to her new home - we wish her all the best and hope to hear from her up and now!

04-09-11 The FIFe cat show was very exciting:) All kittens had a lot of attention from everyone - judges, breeders and visitors. We are proud of our curlies:)

04-08-31 Kittens will be patrticipating at the FIFe cat show on September 11. We hope to meet many of you there, since Selkirk rex kitten's curly coat is must to tuch in reality - don't miss the oportunity:)

04-08-22 New kitten pictures. Curly Aggie is looking for a nice cattery with beautiful British Shorthair, Persian or Exotic cat ladies:) Please e-mail me - if you think he is the right choice for you!

04-08-21 Feltons received his second LJU cerificate at the dog show in Marupe! We hope to get the third one as well:)

04-07-26 Kittens are almost 8 weeks old and were taken to the WCF cat club Felimurs. All were viewed as wery promissing and now have registered names - Aggie (black male), A La Sara (torty female) and Amanda (silver torty female).

04-07-10 Kittens are 4 weeks old now - one girl is Selkirk rex longhair, one boy is Selkirk rex shorthair and one girl is Selkirk rex straight haired. Visit the kitten's page for latest pictures.

04-07-01 Some pictures from our trip to Kurzeme

04-06-18 We have new kitten pictures!

04-06-17 Finaly we have our home page:)

04-06-04 The first Selkirk rex kittens are here! Visit the kitten's page for more info.

04-04-10 Amrei becomes WCF Champion.

04-03-03 Rikiki has 4 beautiful BSH boys. They all are wonderful!

Year 2005

05-12-22 Wishing everyone a holiday season full of joy! And see here the wonderful Christmas greetings we have recieved from our friends!

05-12-17 Habi's first show at home - Latvia, Riga! It was a specialty show for the group 6 and the breed entry was also 6. Habi was in the puppy class for the first time and the result is lovely - BOB puppy and BIS 2!!!!!

Many congratulations to Habi's RR friend Kimya as well - she got her first LJU CAC, BOB and BIG 4!

What a day - take a look yourself here...

05-12-04 Habi's 2nd show was in Vilnius, Lithuania. The National show was judged by Kornelija Butrimova and there were 5 RR's. Habi was doing very nice in the ring and the result is also wonderful - our little Habi was BOB baby puppy and went to the BIS, where the judge Nijole Zieniene picked her up between 9 best baby puppies out of ~30!!! We are very proud and you can see the pictureshere...

But that's not all - today 2 Habi's brothers and a sister went to the all breed puppy show in Finland and the brother Hadaya "Sisu" was BIS puppy from more than 700 entries!!! Huge congratulations :) And Malozi was BIS breeder !!! What a lovely day...

05-11-27 New pictures of Habi in the snow...

05-11-26 Great show news from Amrei's son Aggie - he was BIS nominated both days at the International Cat Show in Riga! Good job, lovely curly boy ;) And congratulations to his lovely litter as well - all 4 kittens were BIS nominated as a litter - Amrei is a very proud mom and grandmother ;)
Here is the proud family - the lovely father Aggie, 2 of the kids and the proud mom Keta. Congratulations, Laima!!!

05-11-25 Habi was invited to a lovely dog party - Bronis celebrated his 3rd birthday!!! Take a closer look here and in our gallery...

05-11-20 Finally some CAT NEWS!!!! Our planned Selkirk rex litter is announced...

05-11-13 Habi's Birthday again - 5 months old is our lovely girl... Check out the latest pictures here!

05-11-06 Great show news from Habi's breeder Tuija - out of 63 ridgebacks in Nitra, Slovenia Habi's Mother Emmi was best bitch with CACIB so becoming an International Champion!!! All Malozi girls (Milka, Fanny and Emmi) were class winners!!!
And in Poznan, Poland out of 60 RR's girls won classes again and Fanny was best bitch and CACIB, Milka BIS 3 JUN, Emmi Res CACIB and Malozi breeder group was BIS 2!!!!!
I can't tell how happy we are for your great success - keep on the excellent work and all the best for Germany :)

05-11-03 New pictures of Habi in the Autumn...

05-10-16 Today was Habi's first show in Lithuania and she did so nicely - I'm so proud of my girl!!! She was placed as BOB baby puppy and we even tried out the baby BIS:) Well, we decided to leave the BIS part out for the first time:P Anyway, the show was very nice for all of us and Habi had plenty of fun with her boyfriend Jesper, who ended up as baby puppy BIS 2!!!! Huge congratulations from us and huggs from Habi! Pictures from the show - here...

05-10-13 Happy birthday Habi - our little baby is 4 month's old already!!! Some updates in Habi's page and new pictures in gallery...

05-09-26 Our Amrei has become a GRANDMOTHER!!! We visited our "grandchildren" this weekend and here are some pictures from the adorable curly selkirk rex babies... The proud father is Amrei's A-litter's curly ~Aggie~ and the mother is his new US import wife ~Keta~...The litter is very promising - 4 curly kittens - 2 longhair, one short hair and one homozygote (bold at the moment but will develop as short hair). This is for the first time in Baltic's when a homozygote kitten is born in a selkirk rex litter! Our best wishes for the cute babies and Laima and I hope to see them soon in the show :)

05-09-17 Finally the Habi's page is a bit updated:)

05-08-20 It was my first time in the ring :) I wanted to practice for our little lady and so I went to a show with Feltons (my parent's Labrador boy). We did really nice - he got "very good" out of 5 dogs in open class (4 dogs got only VG)  and I was very pleased with our performance - Feltons was wagging his tale happily and that was the main thing for me - that he enjoyed it as much as I did :)

05-08-14 Little Whippet boy Jesper stays with us for this weekend. He is such a good company to our little Habi - they have plenty of puppy fan together and they even share their beds:) Here are some pictures from the sweet couple... :)

And here are some lovely pictures made by Jesper's owner Dzintra - Habi 2 months old and Habi's first dog party. Thank you so much for those outstanding shots:)

05-08-08 We had the first dog party in our garden - it was real fun for the dogs... Here are some pictures... Habi sends big thanks for the wonderful gifts ;)

05-08-07 Our Habi is the most wonderful puppy in the world! I have finally added some pictures - Habi small - how we met Habi - Habi at home - enjoy our lovely baby :)

05-07-27 This Sunday we are going to meet our new and lovely Family member - Malozi Habiba... Pictures will follow soon:)

05-07-15 We have received pictures from our lovely Bernadette - check them out!

05-07-03 We were at the dog-party by Teodori. Here are some pictures of our lovely and sunny day there:)

05-06-11 The first show for our curly chocolate treasure Bernard! He was a true show-man - the judge Eveline Preiss from Germany was fond of him. Here I'll share some of her impressions:

"Excellent body, very cute look, ex. round head, broad nose, ex. rounded cheeks, ex. whiskers. Ex. large and round eyes, ex small ears. Ex waved coat, ex dense. Ex condition. WHAT A BEAUTY!!!"   

I'm truly proud of him:) More pictures of the show you will find here. Some comments on the pictures -

Bernard's big brother Aggie from our A litter also participated in the show (in the pictures with yellow curtains) and he was judged excellent as well! I'm very proud of our promissing offspring! And I can't wait to see their results in WCF system, where selkirk rex cats are allowed to compete for BIS... It will be ours soon!:)

And the huge and cute blue Brittish shorthair male is our B-litters sire - Bortolomew De Noble...Impressive male with sweet personality was appreciated by judge as well!


05-06-03 Our Bernard is such a lovely kitty - he is always in the lap no matter what you do or where you are... Everyone adors him and we truly hope he will remain that loving in the future as well. 
A picture of me, our son Leo sleeping in my lap and Bernard on the top of everyone :) And even more pictures of our son Leo and Bernard - here...

05-05-15 New kitten pictures and our lovely Bernadette moves to her new home already - good luck to all of you:)

05-05-01 New kitten pictures added - week 10 and week 11 - enjoy:)

05-04-30 We visited really cute Labrador retriever puppies - all in lovely chocolate color - and some still available - more info here 

To see photos from our visit, click here.




05-04-20 New kitten pictures of both chocolate sweeties:) Bernadette is still available!

05-04-08 Our Rikikii is fully relaxed when speaking of our new family member - Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy...:) We hope, our puppy will join us this summer!

05-03-31 Finally our sweet kitties have proper names - we chose both names from French language - Bernard (means - bold as a bear) and Bernadette (means - brave as a bear)  - so our teddy bears are finaly named :) And kitten's page is updated as well, the pedigree is added as well as some new pictures!

05-03-21 New kitten pictures - they are huge already - they walk arround and get to know everyone:)

05-03-10 New kitten pictures!

05-02-27 Our kittens grow so quickly... They have their eyes open and they already start moving out on the kitten box :) Take a look on the latest pictures!

Strait haired female

Curly male

Female is stil available, male is booked. Please e-mail me for more information -

05-02-21 Kittens are doing great, eating a lot and growing real quickly :) Take a look on the latest pictures... What a chocolate sweeties we have:)

05-02-13 Our Amrei finally delivered kittens - we were sitting and sleeping by the litter box for 2 nights and 3 days... The first kitten was born at 9 pm and the second 5 minutes later! We couldn't believe our eyes - both of them are chocolate brown - what a success :-) The curly kitten is male and the strait haired is female, both are healthy and having a lot of mum's attention. For more info feel free to visit kitten's page and the gallery.

05-01-29 We visited the only Latvian Rhodesian Ridgeback female Sindi - she has 5 weeks old puppies and it was really hard to leave them without booking a puppy... You are velcome to take a look on their sweet pictures or visit their page . We hope to receive good puppy news from Finland soon :-)

05-01-23 New pictures from our A-litter's curly lady A La Sara - she lives in Estonia with cute cat-friends at the cattery Bona Dea. What a lovely lady she has become - we are really proud of her!


05-01-19 We hope for curly kittens arround February 14! More information and photos of the parents on the kitten's site. Don't hesitate to contact me if you would like to become the owner of our curly wonder...

05-01-08 Finally the gallery is updated - Rikikii's pictures are added. And our cats page as well, Amrei's pedigree is now there as well.

05-01-03 Amrei will have kittens - we are very very happy and we hope for little curlies arround mid February. Step by and you will be surprised - how cut a kitty can be!

WE ARE IN HONG KONG - 6.02.2006

Take a look on our interview on Selkirk rex breed in the largest cat's magazine in Hong Kong - "Cat's life"...

NEW PICTURES - 26.01.2006

New galleries added - Habi at Kimya's party and Habi 7 months old.

NAMESDAY - 21.01.2006

After the Lithuanian calendar our web page (and my last name too) had a names day so we invited Habi's friends to a small sauna evening... Here are the pictures taken by Dzintra...

CAT NEWS - 19.01.2006

We have received new pictures from Amrei's daughter Bernadette and granddaughter Aurora - check out the lovely ladies here...


Habi was invited to Kimya's first Birthday party! It was a wonderful day we spent together - check out the lovely pictures made by Dzintra...

WINTER IS HERE - 6.01.2006

New pictures of Habi in the snow...